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The Ultimate Wood Protection Against WDOs: Discover the Power of Borate

Every homeowner understands the devastating effects that Wood Destroying Organisms (WDOs) can have on their property. Termites, certain beetles, and fungi can wreak havoc on homes, leading to costly damages and repairs. Pest Away Exterminators offers an innovative, long-lasting solution that will protect your wooden structures forever.

Why is Borate Treatment the Ultimate Protection?

1. Nontoxic and Safe:

One of the primary concerns for many homeowners is introducing toxic chemicals to their living space, especially with children and pets around. The beauty of the Borate treatment lies in its non-toxic nature. It ensures that while your wood remains protected against WDOs, your home environment remains safe and chemical-free.

2. Permanent Protection:

Once applied, the Borate treatment seeps deep into the wood fibers and crystallizes. This crystallization forms an impenetrable barrier against any wood-destroying organism. Unlike other treatments that may wear off over time, Borate ensures that your wood remains protected forever.

3. Perfect Timing during Home Construction:

Are you in the process of building your dream home? Now is the optimal time to ensure its longevity and protection. By treating the studs and wood throughout the construction phase, you are laying down a foundation that is resilient against WDOs. This proactive step can save you from future damages and expenses.

4. Proven Track Record:

At Pest Away Exterminators, we stand by our Borate treatment. Having used it successfully for years, we've witnessed firsthand its effectiveness in protecting homes from any wood destroying organisms. Our experience and satisfied customers are a testament to its efficacy.

5. Efficient Application:

For a regular-sized home (between 1,800 to 2,300 square feet), only about 70 gallons of our Borate solution is needed. This efficient use ensures a quick application without compromising on the quality of protection.

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In Conclusion

Protecting your home from Wood Destroying Organisms is a necessary step in ensuring its longevity and maintaining its value. With Pest Away Exterminators' innovative Borate treatment, you get a solution that is nontoxic, effective, and permanent. Don't let WDOs compromise the integrity of your home. Act today and lay down a foundation of protection that lasts forever.

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